President, Lead Designer: Crimson Sands, Co-Designer: Wellerman, Graphic Design: Wellerman

Allan is president of the company and integral to all our game design activities. He has been fascinated by board games since he was a teenager (i.e. when dinosaurs ruled the earth).

Over time Allan found he was designing and re-designing games as often as he was playing them. Since most of his friends are getting a bit tired of trying out his odd creations, he formed North Quarter Games to see if players farther afield would be interested.

Notable quote: What if the puck was on fire?

Phil Northcott

Lead Designer: Wellerman

Phil plays games (and occasionally designs them) as a break from his regular job leading climate-change software startup C-Change Labs ( He also likes to sing, especially wonderful earworms like Wellerman.

Notable quote: This probably won't work, but what if we tried...

Brenna Mackinder

Artist: Crimson Sands

Brenna is the artist who created the images on the inside and outside of the Crimson Sands game. She is known for her spooky and detailed illustrations.

Being a lover of fantasy lore, Brenna found these to be the fire that started her passion for art and continued to influence her work today.

Notable quote: Does this face scream "I'm an evil rogue mercenary come to steal all your wares... or no?"