Crimson Sands Design Journal

September 20, 2021: Increasing direct player interaction

While the play-testers of Crimson Sands have generally been positive (except for that one dude at BGG 2017), one aspect that I felt was still lacking was player interaction. Too often except for keeping an eye on the other player's hoards and placing encounter cards in the way of other player's caravans, each player just focused on their own affairs. This lead to a situation where players were sometimes not really interacting with the other players at the table, which misses the mark socially. So we will be experimenting with a few changes that should increase opportunities for players to interact.

These changes include:

  • Bribing the Raider Queen's to relocate her camp in the desert

  • Option to outbid the local market when goods are sold by other player's in your cities

  • Moving to a take a single action, pass to next player model, rather than the current take a multiple actions on your turn