Crimson Sands

Status: Redesign

We've been play-testing versions Crimson Sands extensively over multiple years, and there are still two areas we want to improve before finalizing the design: Play Interaction and Speed of Play.

We have been experimenting with multiple approaches to address these areas and, based on a positive experience with Wellerman, will be using Tabletopia to test them out.

About the Game

2-4 Players, 90 Minutes

Designer: Allan Noordvyk, Artist: Brenna Mackinder, Graphic Design: Allan Noordvyk

Defend your caravans of giant, lumbering, lizards and fierce, fast, flightless birds as they cross the great central desert of this fantasy world. Dangers abound but none more feasome than the dread raider queen. Fail and your blood may stain the hot sands of this wasteland.

Setting out from the cities at the four corners of the game board, compete with the other merchant houses to gain profit and prestige.

The Raider Queen

No one knows the true name of the Raider Queen, but everyone knows her growing and well deserved reputation for cunning and ruthlessness.

As she gains prestige, the Raider Queen's forces multiply. As a result, you will need to hire more guards, displacing goods from your caravans. Or you can trust your luck and memory of safe routes to avoid her.

Additionally, the Raider Queen is always willing to sell you goods she has acquired which you might need. But this further enhances her reputation and brings more raiders to her side. If her prestige grows too large, she, not you, may win the game.


Birds are fast but can only carry two items.

They are also able to defeat and eat the venomous snakes sometimes encountered in the sands.


Lizards are slow but can carry four items.

Despite their size and strength, they need no more water than a bird to cross the desert.


When in a city, you can hire guards to protect your departing caravans from the raiders. But each guard you take along will displace an item of goods from the backs of your beasts.

Each guard's payment covers but a single trip across the sands. You will have to hire them again if wanted for the return trip. Some guards are better than others and your caravan's will have to make do with those available in their current city.